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Aug 11, 2013 10:00am EDT
from texas. setting aside donald trump, it appears there's an intensity of activity in iowa, particularly on the republican side. we saw claire mccaskill out for hillary this weekend. it's in part because it's so wide open in the gop. >> both parties will be nominating someone who's not president. that opens it up a lot. the democratic field, they have a weak bench, and be careful what they wish for to clear the field and have no competition. the last time almost uncontested nomination was '56, with stevenson. he probably would have been beaten anyway, but he was beaten. competition is good for parties. the republican party is going to get their fill of it. >> no question, but there does not appear to be that much competition yet, understandably, with hillary clinton out there find of freezing the field. >> i don't think so. martin o'malley made noise he's interested, joe biden, and kristen gillibrand, elizabeth warren, a lot of buzz, and governor cuomo from new york. a lot of talk. and let me not forgot joe biden. he will call me this afternoon and remind me. it's too early
Aug 13, 2013 5:00am EDT
dome. on august 31st, a 20-year-old tennessee fan fell about 45 feet, and later dies. in 2011, a texas rangers fan fell about 20 feet to his death, over the balcony, trying to catch a ball, tossed to him by outfielder josh hamilton. i'm andrew spencer reporting. >> there is the 3-2. davis this the air to left field, he hit it deep, back and goodbye. home run. crushing his major league leading 33rd home run. that was in phoenix. he set a walk off cannon ball into chase field. there it goes. arizona wins 7-6. unfortunately, though, the loss doesn't help them. he trails three teams including arizona in the wild card standings. try to make up some ground against the giants at gnats park tonight. >> we have talk add little bit about that apparent risk, between head skins head coach and the star quarterback, r.g. 3, here is tim brand with his take. >> hello, again, everybody. an interesting day, reporters seem to be digging for a story that may not have been there. bottom line, is mike shanna hon reiterated that he will not play in the pre-season. he also said if his quarterback doesn't have
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2